Saturday, March 1, 2014

EZ Dye Cotton Sliver????

Well, I never thought that cotton sliver would be EZ (easy) to dye! Never, never, never! It has always been a chore to dye cotton--first you must soak and sometimes boil the cotton to get the fibers dampen and saturated enough to take the dyes. Then you have to find the correct dye to use. Mostly, fiber reactive dyes are used but you can use natural dyes too! So, when I spotted this product at our last January spin-in, there was no stopping me from buying --must give this a try!
Check out Cotton Clouds website on how they dyed the fiber 

I purchased my fiber from Ewephoric Fibers

Into the pot the fiber went along with ACID dyes--that's right!  I used acid dyes and no mordant necessary when you dye this fiber.  This fiber has been processed to eliminate the use of a mordant.  How do they do that?!!

Here is my cotton EZ dyed! and the best part--it is EZ to spin!!  As soon as it was dry I was at my spinning wheel to give it a try.
Wow!  what fun to spin! 


  1. Oh, my, this is yummy. Does it have a project in mind yet?

  2. No project in mind yet. Was anxious to dye and spin! Of course, all good projects are aged!