Monday, March 17, 2014

Are You As Warped As I AM!

I AM a weaver! I began my fiber path as a weaver, then moved onto spinning, dyeing and embraced many other fiber techniques. No matter how often I might venture away with another interesting technique, I always return to weaving.   Even after 30+ years weaving, there is no way I can learn all weaving  has to offer!  There are different patterns, unusual structures, colorful yarns, etc. 
There are peaceful times spent at the loom and moments of insanity too!  No One tells you that you need a list of credentials to be a weaver--

You need a background in sight reading
You need to have a level head when threads go awry

No one tells you what to do with broken warp threads

Or how to deal with uneven warp tie-ups--these are things you learn as you discuss with fellow weavers tricks and trades of the loom 

And when I speak to young students--I tell them you need MATH in a big way as a weaver!  Most days things go well at the loom but then there are those days--I feel more warped than the loom!!!

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