Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Westside Weavers Discuss Turkish Towels, ETC

Recently, one of our weavers, Scharine, had an extended visit to Turkey and she brought back various sundry textiles she found.  As weavers, our eyes are always on the search for different and unusual textiles.

Scharine had her bowl of bath supplies--and she described how you take a bath at the Turkish Baths

She was privileged to visit with weavers on her visit and she found this delightfully soft cotton Turkish towel to add to her collection for her redo of her bathroom

Along with the colorful towel, she found other woven wonders to add to her bath collection

Once home, she was looking through her stash of hand-woven towels and came across this one she had woven last year--bingo!  excellent color to match her colorful towel!

And here you have the label of the towel weaver, Jennifer Shamam

Cotton Towel

The combination of Scharine's hand woven towel with her Turkish towel will brighten up any bathroom 

She also found this colorful towel in her stash--

In this February issue of complex Weavers, you can see Scharine's hand woven heritage cloth on the cover and inside you can ready about her technique

While in Turkey, Scharine took a felting workshop--

Silk on wool!

Susan had finished knitting this lovely shawl

and she also had this Pear shawlette to show off.  I thought it looked at hearts--nicely done Susan!

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  1. These are beautiful - I really love the patterns and colors. I can see why you get pulled in every time you walk by the shop!