Friday, March 14, 2014

The Quilt Show BOM

I have been a charter member of The Quilt Show although I really don't take full advantage of all the benefits that the website offers. There is the daily blog to read; lessons to learn; projects; quilt gallery; a shop and many other features. One summer I attended a taping of the show--which was  interesting. I almost didn't renew my membership for 2014--then I saw the 2014 BOM (Block of the Month) designed by Janet Stone.
This really caught my eye!  How much fun this would be to recreate in my colors--okay, I renewed for another year.  Each month I go to the BOM feature on the website to save/print the instructions. 
Guess I never really thought about block size, but these are smaller than I expected, but Janet's instructions give you plenty of leeway for trimming.  And interesting instructions there are--I'm learning new techniques as I sew

Here goes the A--all the applique has been reversed so there is no corrections needed there.

Flying geese a different way! I should be an expert by now.

F--where is the B??  I'm confused..............Janet makes these blocks right though.

Onto G.........

And then we put these blocks together!  Okay--now, I see method to the madness!

And here is February blocks are neatly together!  We are keeping up so far......
March's pattern brings us to I

and H!  These were two quick blocks to complete.
The Quilt Show

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