Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wool Blending Board

I guess there are times I feel so left out of the fiber world! Where have I been? why can't I keep up with the trends? The latest and I assume the greatest in the fiber (spinning) world is a blending board. Have you seen one of these boards? I had seen the 'rolags' produced but had not seen the board in action, so I was happy to see one of our vendors at January Spin-in demo-ing what actually takes place.
Valarie of Dreaming Dragon Alpacas had loaded up her board and I stopped cruising the room to watch as she worked the fibers.

She has the wool fibers lined out nicely on the board and she is using a dowel rod to lift a small amount of the wool

She continues to lift and drafts away from the board

Now, she has the rod completely covered and is ready to take off the rolag

Neatly done!

And you have your rolag! Valarie is able to get many rolags from one blend on the board.

Here is the additional tool she uses to process--you can also see her locks of fiber to the side
Hello Purl has a wide variety of rolags

And blends!  Now, if you think you would like to dive into this interesting part of the fiber world--how about creating your own board?  DIY Blending Board
Happy blending!!

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