Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Meeting with my weaver friends is the greatest inspiration! They always amaze me! Give me insight into different ways of thinking about a warp and a weft. In fact, any fiber technique! The latest February meetings brought forth more fruit for thought.................
Dottie is our 'recycling' fiber person.  She can always come up with more ways to reuse 'old' fabrics.  She had taken some woven fabric that had 'aged' and made little heart pin cushions as gifts for a luncheon.

Connie had finished weaving her wrap--big chunky weft and warp, indigo dyed colors.

she added the stitching in the motifs to add contrast points

Look how lovely and genius!

Dottie showed off her needle felted honey pot bear.............

He's quite the fellow!

Now, take this model

Give it to Kate and she is off and running to fashion her own unique needle felted bear--just because, she wanted a bear!

Rosemary had her handspun wool--having recently taken a novelty spinning workshop with Connie

She created these lovely unique yarns

At a different weavers gathering, our luncheon table covering was these interesting table mats; the cutlery works well in this setting 

And sometimes, the best part of meeting with fiber friends is the chance to admire their wearables.  this scarf was worn by D'Anne

And we have the over achiever in Marion!  She is quite the weaver!  She took linen and cotton warp to cram and space to make this lovely fabric

The drape and feel is awesome!

And Karen's rugs!  oh, my!

Rosepath setting

The look of the back one has almost an undulating twill effect

But, up close you can see it is just the weft--she uses yard of fabric that she cuts lengthwise to have a continuous weft--now, you got to admire her for that.

Up close look at Karen's rug
Linda was working with block weaves and had three different versions of the same block structure

The top towel was huck lace weave

Here is the third version

Since our group is studying traditional Swedish weave, this towel fit right in

This lovely spindle was a departing gift to Leigh

Gretchen was showing her lovely warped painted scarf

All we can say is a definite WOW factor!!
Yes, there is always inspiration at our weavers' meeting--maybe, I should be on the loom and create some inspiration myself!

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