Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Can Not Resist??!!

How can we resist so much yummy fiber? It's there! Easy to touch and feel! Easy on the eyes! That was the problem at our annual January spin-in--vendors who bring the latest and greatest in the fiber world! yummy, delicious, elegant, exotic, unusual, novelty...................
Walking through the vendor hall is exciting--your eyes are glazing over--so much great 'stuff''--yes, fiber stuff!

Spun yarn, unspun fibers, colors deep, colors neutral--

Here is the beginning of a disaster to your pocketbook--but, we have saved and planned all year for just this occasion and we are ready to SHOP!

We stop in each booth to savor and drool--how about Raspberries? or Gale's Art

Dicentra. Skyloom Weavers and Maple Row Stock/Wool from Michigan (no web page)
Alpaca Joe

The Spinning Seahorse. Rovings out of Canada

Deila's Notions featured great hand lotions, natural soaps, creams and embroidered shirts

We have such a nice affair with our vendors!

They love our 'captured' spinners!

Can you think of anything better than a buying spree?

We LoVE our VenDors!! 

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