Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nature's Colors

How often do you use Nature's colors for your creations?  The colors are around us all the time--winter, spring, summer and fall. 
My favorite nature scene is a winter sunset--there is nothing like a sunset at the beach.

The colors bounce off the water and there must be clouds to have the full effect

My camera has a section where you take different color sections--this is definitely an interesting way to view the same natural scene

Take a look at this sunset from the same location as one above with different tints and hues

And when I take photos like this I can revisit the evening over and over

The daytime flashes of lights off the water is awesome

The blue green of the waters against the white of the sandy shore

And of course, the ruby red of fresh strawberries.  How can we not use Nature for our color selections?

and I love this feature on my I-pad--kaleidoscope feature in the photo booth.  This is a photo of a ball of yarn that I was knitting from--ah technology! 
Have fun with nature and the settings on your camera!

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