Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weavers' Holiday!!

This is always a special time of the year--love the gatherings, swapping of handmade gifts, good food, good friends, celebrating the reason for the Season!  Recently, WOW (Way Out West) Weavers held their luncheon.  We swap gifts and the idea is to have something handmade--not necessary by you.  There are so many options for this gift giving.
I'm sorry I didn't get photos of all the gifts, but this was a nice combination--hand woven washcloth with handmade soap.  This gift was made by one of our newest weavers--Sharla!

It's a nice waffle weave--great going Sharla!

As we are waiting for our meals to arrive, we have some show and tell--first up is Tracy's samples for her color/weave workshop she is doing in Florida in January

She warped eight different looms for these samples--unbelievable!

Don't you like the color selections?

She also had this linen fabric that she will use for wearable


Barbara had more shadow weave towels to show--definitely a WOW feature!

I think I heard her say "I'm finished with shadow weave--for now!"

Absolutely Brilliant weaving!!

Linda brought this tiny bird ornament--it is one that she received 20 years ago as gift.
She received this before she was a weaver.

We think it is overshot--can't you hear the little fellow chirping "Merry Christmas"

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