Saturday, December 21, 2013

Light Show!

Every year we take a short visit to a town around our state to view their Christmas lights and displays.  This year was no exception as we traveled to Marble Falls, a small town in Hill Country, just north of Austin.  How can you not enjoy these local festivities?! 

It was a fairly cold evening for Texans--we decided to wait in our car until the lights were switched on--time for the magic to happen was 6PM.  We waited along with many others and since it was a Monday night we knew it would be a light crowd.
We waited and waited--6:15 came and went; about 6:20 a small car drove up to the entrance, a gentleman dressed in a red sweater hopped out and ran over to the gate--he pushed through with authority and then we saw him--inserting the magic key into the electrical box--he threw a switch and the whole lake front lit up!  Music poured from the trees and walkways!  The Walkway of Lights was officially open!

This is FREE! Donations are accepted and refreshments are sold halfway through your walk.

What an enchanting evening!  A walk through gleaming light displays

It was a full moon night as this photo shows--bright and beautiful on this clear winter night

A stroll through delightful tunnels of lights and near the end is where Santa lets youngsters climb into his lap and be asked "What do you want for Christmas?"  Ahhh, the magic of the time! 


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