Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Traditions...........................a special event or happening--one that keeps on, keeps on!  At our house, we have several traditions during Christmas time.  At all begun when we left college and took our first job, away from our families.  We set up our own traditions--we wanted to make sure our kids had special happenings in their lives, traditions for their childhoods and when they leave the nest, they set up their own traditions.

One tradition that has continued, even though they have flown the coop is making office gifts!  Every year, we go through this and over the years we have learned ways to shorten the process.
Our recipe comes from this book, a gift from a sister-in-law many moons ago--yes, a gift that keeps on giving.  Every year the amount we need has increased.

We have made notes to make sure we have the right amount of ingredients on hand--but, who looks at the recipe before shopping??  It's all from memory now--and the memory is getting weak!

This year, the son says he needs 30 jars for his office staff--off to buy 3 cases of quart jars and all the sugar, flour, chips, nuts, etc.  Certainly don't want to do what we did the first couple of years--run to the store half way through setting up the jars!
all the ingredients are set out and I found these nifty funnels several years ago that really help

Then you need fabric squares to make jars really pretty--usually I have fabric on hand--this fabric had aged nicely so was perfect to top off the jars.

All layered and sealed!  Son and I worked in harmony--it is something he definitely can do!  He even cleaned up the kitchen afterwards! 

And now, all the jars are ready for giving-- first, must print the label with directions on how to mix up--in all the years we have made these jars, never have we had a jar for us to mix up! One year, son decided not to give the jars and he had his staff asking=="where are the brownie jars?  We really like them!"  Now, this has become a tradition for his staff.....
Are you making your own special traditions with your family?

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