Saturday, December 14, 2013


Back from the quilters.................
I had this one my blog this summer, but here it is back from the quilters long arm--thanks Sandy--

She did a simple star pattern--perfect for this Quilt of Valor
The binding is finished; quilt is folded; pillowcase is ready for presentation to Quilt of Valor recipient--just need to do the label and sew it on
Here is another one from Sandy's long arm.  This is the Bonnie Hunter quilt I worked on all summer--

I like the swirly leaves--now to decide on binding fabric--but, it can 'age' as I mull over the fabric

I have been working on this quilt for some time now--maybe, two years..............

First, all the embroidery on the blocks--
The center section was the easy part to do and the border was a snap!!

I enjoy doing handwork at times.  This pattern is from Crab-apple Hill

It is #313 Hocuspocusville!  Don't even get me started looking at their patterns!!

Here is my patriotic quilt I made this summer--it was featured on another blog post

Now, it is back from quilters long arm--thanks to Judy M--she used the star pano pattern

Here is one from the stash bin--it had been resting for many years and finally, it was time to finish it and get it quilted--well, it's not actually finished yet.  I want to add prairie points to each end--working out a way the points will stand up and not fold down.

Not your traditional Amish quilt, that's for sure.

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