Saturday, December 7, 2013


I haven't been in the sewing studio for at least two weeks and today I decided it was time to forget all that other 'stuff' on my list and get to sewing again--let's see what is there to finish up? Oh, yes, it's the first of the month and Sindy of Fatcat Patterns has posted the next blocks for the monthly quilt along.  These are always fun to do and quick to complete, but today when I went to look for the background fabric--it was nowhere in sight!!
Here is what I'm using for the background on the doggies' blocks

I know I have couple of yards left and you would think if you are working on something, a smart person would put that fabric right where it can be readily found!
But, about a month ago, my sewing studio was looking like a disaster--
What would make it look better and easier to see?  Of course, nice neat bins!  In the time I had I straighten up these bins--doesn't it look wonderful?  All neat and organized!

Well, some of it looks pretty good--but, you can't imagine what the top of the bins looked like before I cleaned up..............and I know, I saw some of that star fabric in the stash, but where did I place it?

I have this fabric for the fishy blocks

See, it's right there in the middle of this stack!  But, where is that star fabric?? My mind is racing and I'm searching--okay, we'll need to go back through all that fabric that I had neatly sorted through--Wait,  I have another thought.................
Use this one which I found on the top of the stash stack--then maybe, shortly after I've decided to use this fabric, that star fabric will come out of hiding--?  How could I have hidden the star fabric in such a safe location??  Or did it just get up and walk out of the studio?? Oh Bother--as Winnie the Pooh would say!

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