Friday, October 11, 2013


Back in the folds of WOW (Way Out West) Weavers after a summer of absence.............. These gals never cease to amaze me--why you ask?  Because several of them are fairly new to weaving world.  We are a mixture of experienced weavers and beginners who are on the verge of being experienced
This hand painted warp by Tracy (our very experienced weaver/teacher) is absolutely delightful.  She was finishing up tying the fringe  and will place this textile in our guild's fall sale.

Ah, how can Scharine do it?  This lovely crackle weave scarf with hand dyed soy silk is smashing!

Scharine also branches into other parts of the fiber field with this indigo dyed silk shibori

I know how much time it takes to tie up all those little tips and we aren't talking minutes either--but the results are well worth it!

Scharine is also doing 'burn-out' on this silk/acrylic scarf--another WOW factor! 

She uses a stencil to create the flowing floral effect

A Waffle Weave towel from the looms of Tracy

Tracy hand stitches the hem on her towels

And we come to Barbara's work--she has such an eye for color -- lovely scarf and such master weaving!

Barbara will have this shadow weave towel in the guild fall sale--it will quickly be grabbed up, I'm sure!  I'm glad she likes to weave this structure--because I don't!   You can visit Barbara at her blog Barb-e Designs

Then we come to Leigh's work--a fairly 'new' weaver--she has a loom with two back beams and she wanted to learn how to use that feature, so off she went..............and wove this sampler from the following Hand-woven magazine.  I think she is learning some pretty spiffy stuff about her loom and her weaving techniques

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