Sunday, October 27, 2013

Let Us Zig, Let us Zag!

This is just something about Frankie's Knitted Stuff .  Not only are there great knitting patterns, but also unusual patterns.  And too boot--the patterns are all FREE! for a donation to Children's Liver Disease Foundation. 
I liked this pattern, but I'm not making a blanket!  Nope, but a scarf! 

What can you do with only 10 stitches?  Well, this is easy Zig Zag for sure!
One strip is finished--but, this is going to take forever.....if I knit only one strip soooooo why not do several at one time?!  Genius, huh?

Sure, it's genius, except for all those loose threads hanging everywhere, but it is quicker to knit all at the same time
We are making progress--there could be just one small problem--maybe, the ZZ's are too uniform!  Stay tuned for the finished scarf results...............

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