Friday, October 4, 2013

ELVIS LIVES................................................!

Growing up during 1950's, I was never a big fan of Elvis Presley--there were just too many other 'idols' to follow! I was a fan of bobby soxs, poodle skirts, sock hops and of course BOYS! This year celebrating our 50th year wedding anniversary, there was more of an interest in remembering those "good ole" days and for us, it  is Golden!   These remembrance led us to finally stopping in Memphis at Graceland--I can not count the number of times we drove down Elvis Presley Blvd and passed those gates--that's another story................
But, on this trip back into time, hubby surprised me with an overnight stay at Heartbreak Hotel on the end of "Lonely" Street Here you definitely step back in time and Elvis is in every, movies and photos

The lobby is quite charming and definitely inviting with of course, Elvis 'stuff' for sale in the gift shop.  The suites are comfortable, although, we joked that the bed was from 1950 too!

The best part of staying at Heartbreak Hotel, you can walk to Graceland Plaza, where we met folks from all over the world.  Hubby went for the VIP tour--perfect!  No waiting in line, your personal shuttle and tour guide and you can enter Graceland as many times as you want throughout your day--just perfect.
Right up to the front door of Graceland to be greeted by information about the buying of this property in 1957, just as Elvis was beginning his path to fame and stardom.

You were encouraged to take all the photos you wanted (without flash).  Here is his living room
One of many framed photos decorates the front area

We are not allowed in Elvis' private rooms upstairs but we can view the downstairs bedroom where his parents resided

We pass through the kitchen area--all kept to 1950's and 60's standards--quite modern for the times

This is not easy to see but it is the "Jungle Room" where Elvis entertained his guests

Nice dining room!

Down the hallway, is the TV/lounge area which Elvis had decorated with lightning bolt for his company TCB (Taking Care of Business)
The Bar off to the side invites Elvis guests to partake and it was kept fully stocked with all types of soft drinks

Even the ceiling was covered with mirrors

How about a pool room with walls covered with yards and yards of fabric??!!

Photos from the Jungle Room with decorative furniture hand picked by Elvis

Back in the Jungle room where even the ceiling was lined with that green pile carpet popular during those years.

As we walk down the pathway to the outbuildings, I took this photo of the back of the house

one of the out buildings contains Vernon (Elvis' father) office, as he managed the property and events around the area for Elvis

I loved this sign on the door!

Full photo of the back of the house

One of the exhibits in the out building contains most of Elvis's gold records and some of his awards--so many gold and platinum records! 

A special Racquetball building was built so Elvis could exercise with this popular sport.  Now, that building has been turned into a shrine and the walls are lined with more awards..................

There are cases that contain the costumes he wore during his performances
What a sight!!

The pool is off to the side of the house and looks very inviting

and of course, here is the resting place for Elvis and his family--it is peaceful garden


We took a tour of his private planes that are located near the plaza--quite the ride!  I think everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news that Elvis had died--it's a day like many others in our lives--very memorable!!
As we visited with other folks in the area, the one question we asked each other--"did you ever see Elvis in a live performance?"  and then the memories flood back tenfold.
Where were you when you heard that Elvis died?  And did you ever see him in live performance?
Still ELVIS LIVES in our hearts!!

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