Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Memorial to Aurora Victims

It was just another summer day--an evening at the movies. No one expected that their lives would be changed forever this night.   But, the unexpected happen--someone decided to take it upon themselves to violate our sense of just beingThe theater is still roped off--the whole block is surrounded by yellow tape.  Across the street on a small hill that overlooks  Theater 16--on the corner of Centrepoint and Sable--arises a make shift memorial to those who were victims of this senseless crime. 
It is a small way for us to grieve--a tribute.  Signs, banners, candles, stuffed animals, flags, crosses, even lighters to keep the candles glowing.

Before we arrived, we never thought there would be such a sight--the display is spread over a large section of the hill side.

Groups of candles in various locations around the hillside.

Posters signed by many.

Even the trees pay homage with trinkets and wind chimes that ring out a sad song as the breeze blows.

Many still come to pay tribute. 

The crosses bear photos of the deceased.

To some, this might look like a pile of trash--with dying flowers, overturned stuffed animals, but this is straight from the hearts of many.

The city of Aurora will keep the memorial there for awhile--as long as those who are grieving still come.

The sign gives names of those who perished that fateful night along with a small poster from someone else  hand that declares "We will never forget"! 

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