Saturday, August 4, 2012

From Pacific Island to the Mainland

Our first stop along the California northern coast is Ronald Reagan's Presidential Library.  This was not a planned stop--we just saw the road sign that pointed us in the direction.  We are glad we stopped as we have seen several of the Presidential libraries and this one ranks at the top of exhibits.
We are greeted by President and Mrs. Reagan in all their bronze glory.

"Yes, Mr. President"--a chance to see how the prompters are used.  Doesn't he look very presidential?

One of the attached buildings to the library allows a visitor to board Reagan's Air Force One plane.

And there is no way we are going to pass up an opportunity to have lunch along the water!

And the sign says it all!  Here is a chance to spend the night in a hostel for $25 per person per night--that is if you like bunking with several ones

This is one of two working lighthouses along the northern coast of California, both of which serve as hostels.

The view!  outstanding!

You can see the reason behind the lighthouse function

Ice plants are always intriguing and makes for a great ground cover.

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