Monday, February 20, 2012

Not Really in the Mood..............

Not Really in the right!  What is it about those cool rainy days that makes one just want to sit by the fireplace, have a nice cup of tea and read a book?  Our area has had plenty of those days lately--not complaining too much though, as those rains are badly needed in this drought.  So, we'll just take our cup of tea and a nice book to sit in front of the fireplace to enjoy some relaxing days.  The sewing room 'called' out a few times though....................
This small quilt was begun last summer so have been sewing these 3" wide X 5.5" blocks together to give us stairs.  This was made from a jelly roll.

This will be an addition to the Binky Patrol quilt stash for Expatchers group.  No borders needed, just a nice binding will do the trick.

Not in a real mood to sew on these squares either--another one of the Binky Patrol tops.  One of these days we'll be in the mood--it won't take long to sew these.

Let's pull out some bright colors to cut strips to make for nine patch blocks--okay, these are easy to sew too.
And the nine patch blocks will be added to the already finished 6" snowball blocks in the stash.
This free pattern was pulled off the internet last summer as we had snowball prints to work with.  This is a great setting and will make a nice size Binky quilt for an older child. 
And it doesn't take much energy to fuse February's FatCat Patterns to keep up with the project.  Just need to thread the machine with black to do the buttonhole stitch around the edges.  Sindy also has another interesting BOM going on--Be My Neighbor--house blocks.  check it out.  Okay, today is another cloudy day, but maybe a long walk will turn the tide of 'not in the mood'!

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