Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Binkies and Sundry Baby Covers

Tuesday was gathering day for expatchers quilt group.  It was my first attendance for some weeks so interesting to see what had been happening in Judy M's studio.  The group is on Binky Patrol!  The gals have been busy sewing their little hearts out for this worthy project.
This quilt top began with only the two center Sunbonnet Sue blocks--

This one began with only four of the outside blocks--see what can be added to make a nice size baby quilt.

This began with the center block--great borders add to the width and length.

And these two quilts used panels with added borders.

Judy M was working on this quilt with brights but the light blue just didn't add to the flavor of the top.

So bright yellow was auditioned.

but the bright blue won out!

Brenda was showing off her latest creations.  Happy frogs have their place on this quilt gift. 

Judy M did the quilting and the frogs really look as though they can 'hop' off the quilt!

Fleece for the backing with no batting makes for a soft blankie for the fortunate baby.

Another one from Brenda--happy butterflies!

The back is lofty fabric--hard to see the quilting pattern though.

Joyful butterflies don't care--they are ready to cuddle a new baby girl!

And the swirly heart patterns come to life on the back of this third quilt from Brenda's hands.

The Camera does lie!  The true color of this soft baby quilt is browns, pinks, white--not black and white.  What a shame the colors didn't pop in the camera lens--but, this will be a nice cuddly quilt. 

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