Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spinners Delight

Tuesday was the monthly meeting of our spinners group--a great group of talented people who brighten any dull day.  The highlight of the gathering is the round robin of show and tell--Here's what was shown on this special Tuesday.
Rosemary had her crocheted sari silk (or maybe it's rayon--hard to tell without a burn test) scarf to show--lovely colors.
From the hands of Scharine, we have this seafoam yarn from fiber purchased from Rhonda Selser's sheep Buffy.
Connie, a master at any spinning wheel or equipment--this charka especially--showed her brown cotton/silk noil blend--such fine spinning.
An interesting way to contain the spun yarn.
Up close and personal of this fiber combination
Another one of Connie's brown (red) cotton skeins.
In this experiment, Connie carded wool and angora bunny-dyed it one color, then overdyed to give the skeins a rich shade.  She was trying to achieve a halo affect--we think she succeeded.
Susan brought her sick little bunny so he could receive his meds every two hours.  She is wearing one of her latest shawls--she has joined Ravelry group--12 shawls in 12 months--really ambitious.

This is a lovely color combination that Penny was plying.

This is the label on the fiber combination that Penny was spinning.
Scharine was showing lovely ikat woven fabric that she has created.  She has become a super ikat weaver having studied under her grandmother.
Susan showed off her spinning--she is a fairly new spinner, but is doing good work. 

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