Monday, December 5, 2011

Okay--It's December Already!

We always think December will take 11 months to return but somehow it was just yesterday and here it is again!!   Where does the time go?  And the older you get, the quicker the time flies--something just not right about that.  Anyway, you think you'll be ready when the holidays roll round--never.  It's like we are caught off guard............................
It's the day after Thanksgiving, the cool front has brought some much needed rain and a biting north wind so it's time to Christmas tree shop--we opt for a real tree; even though hubby keeps pointing to the 'fake' ones. 

Well, what if we wanted the tree placed on the stand crooked??!!

Love that Ravelry! and the brilliant designers that share their knowledge--here is the return of Advent Calendar Scarf--a pattern a day for 24 days!  Try to keep up with this.  Here is day one--looking good so far but of course, it's only the first day.  The yarn is handspun from River's Edge Fiber Arts--a soft lofty merino--one small problem though--won't be enough to finish out the scarf so plan B swings into action.............................only we have to think of a plan B! 
December first brought forth the celebration of the birth of our first grandchild--who just happens to turn 21 this December first--Happy Birthday dear granddaughter!
Okay, we thought, just thought, we could keep up with this weekly mystery QAL from Bonnie Hunter.  Here is the Orca mystery part one--224 2.5" half Quarter Square Triangles!  Only four have been squared up, just 222 more to go.........................
It's first Friday and you can hop over to The Painted Quilt blog and download this stitching pattern--Kaaren made a cute pillow with her design.  Thanks to all these generous people who are willing to give of themselves.......................Happy Holidays to us!
Okay, we're kept up with the pattern so far--finished is day 4 and day 5 is downloaded--just have to think quick---what yarn to use now that we've run out the handspun?

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