Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weaver's Party!!

Our weaver groups are partying hardy!! One last blast before we close out the year.  It's a merry time of the year--a chance to let our warps hang down and not worry about finishing that little bit of hemming.
Scharine, Ryukyu Heritage Textiles, is showing off her latest commission.  She is wearing one of her lovely woven shawls.
She has a Japanese ancestry and is learning the ways of the old world.  This piece is to be used with a chess set--light silk fabric.
Our hostess for the day, Tracy owns Lone Star Loom Room/Nordic Studio and has recently returned from a two year stint in Singapore.  She welcomed us to her new home.  Everyone had to see her studio space and view what's on the loom!
Computer driven Megado loom by Louet
Towels at their finest!
Her movable loom bench by Walter Turpening is not only function but a work of art. 
And on the loom in her bedroom--wonderful hand painted warp.
Two members, Karen and Gerry, admire the work.
These wooden weight hangers sure look prettier than water bottles!
Okay, enough of that stuff--let's head to the gifts to open!  Our group knows each other so well we went to paper bags years ago to hide the identify of the giver.  Every gift is a winner and no stealing allowed!!

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