Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Painted Churches

Painted Churches of Texas not only means the churches are painted on the outside but inside as well.  This is a great tour of lovely churches, where worshippers can still kneel and pray weekly.  Their doors are always open to the beauty of the brush.  We took a short trip to visit a few of these marvels.
First stop was at High Hill, just a short drive from Schulenberg.

The doors are open on this Sunday to welcome all comers to view.

Through these swinging doors you can enter into the halls of peace.

The first view from the back is awesome, to say the least! 

Even the statures have that painted artistic touch.

No--not stain glass, but painted windows.

Ahh, the arches in each alcove takes you to a wonderful setting.

Notice the columns--they are painted too.

And the pulpit holds lessons from our Lord and Master.

Onto our next stop--just a quiet out of the way little town where this white church sits.

Prayers aloft!

Once again, painted windows--although simple in style, mighty in looks.

The Altar.................

No words can describe this setting; feast with your eyes.

Our next visit was to the tiny town of Dubina.  From a distance on our drive down the country lanes we can see the steeple.

Maybe not as elaborate as some of the painted churches, this quiet location is a restful respite from the daily grind.

It was here that we met others who were taking the journey.  In our conversation they told us about other painted churches that were off grid.  Now, for our next trip we'll take that side drive off the major interstate to find that peaceful painted church.

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