Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fall Birthday Celebration!!

Oh Happy Days! It was a great day for celebrating--fall birthdays and the holidays too. We were delighted to enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by our hostess Linda (December birthday girl) and Brenda brought not one but two cakes.
Here we have Sandy (with coffee cup in hand), Debby (stitching away on her quilt) and Jane (September birthday gal).  Rose, whose birthday is in November was away attending her brother's funeral.  We send our best wishes to Rose and her family.
Jane, next to Judy C and Karen working feverishly on the binding of her French Braid quilt.
Karen and to her left Camilla (our expat 'mother--she keeps us up to date on activities and locations)  Thanks Camilla!!  Welcome back to our fold after a stent in Mexico.
Linda, our hostess was stitching on her gift for granddaughter--a soft mattress to fill a generation handed down doll bed.  What a marvelous gift!
Annette with her sewing station all set up--ready to sew on her latest top.  Annette was our 'treasurer/gift buyer'.  Thanks Annette!  We always enjoy seeing your smiling face!
Annette is so organized with her sewing plan.
And here is the finished block.......................
Brenda is beaming for two reasons--she is learning how to use an early Christmas gift from hubby--a rotary blade sharpener.
And the second reason for the big smile--a new granddaughter expected Spring, 2012.  Brenda is planning her baby quilt with this selection and pattern.
Camilla is stitching down the binding on this quilt for her church--love the colors.
Oh my!  what is this lovely creature?  French Braid in all its glory!  What wonderful color choices.
And the artist behind this masterpiece is Karen!  Good job Karen!!
A nice quilting choice too.
Brenda has finished her French Braid--smashing!!
Debby's quilt--nice pleasing colors.
Do we have good quilters in our group or what??!!  Thanks to Sandy and Judy M.
Look what was found in the back bedroom--what a lovely quilt!
This was found on the back bed--just waiting for the final touches.  Doesn't matter if it's a birthday celebration, a Christmas party or just plain gathering--any day spent with this bunch of ladies is a good day!

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