Thursday, December 8, 2011

Plan B..............................

Here we are--with plan B for the 24 days of Advent scarf instructions.  There is just one more small ball of handspun yarn to use in this scarf so we had to come up with plan B--quickly!  Search, search the stash closet and what did we find?  No blue wool yarn!  Real bummer!  But, there were several skeins of white yarns!  Yes, white!  and it doesn't really matter if the blue in the middle matches the blue on the end.  All different thoughts are running through the old brain---how to incorporate these two handspun blue yarns with a different yarn and white, no less.  Ah, a 'brilliant' thought races across the waves--why not dye the white yarn blue?  Well, of course, the perfect solution.  One small problem--the white yarn is not handspun.  Then--"who cares whether it's handspun or not?"  We can always rationalize.

Problem solved!  We'll dye the white yarn blue--oops! another small problem--we are ready to knit the next day and we don't want to fall behind in the patterns.
Can't wait!  Must knit!  And knit we did!  just attach the white yarn and continue on and as the knitting progresses, the thought process took over again--we'll use the other ball of handspun for the last of the patterns so the blues will be on the opposite ends of the scarf!  Yes, perfect!  And then, we'll dye the whole scarf blue!!  We are so smart!!
We are on day 8--keeping up so far but the weekend rolls around and we are journeying away--hard to knit when you can't download the pattern, but we'll find a way--even if we have to sit in front of the PC all night with the instructions!  or chart it ourselves with pen & paper row by row.  By golly, we plan to keep on schedule.  Everything else can go by the wayside, except
when we sit down with a cup of tea to paw over this magazine.  Have you seen this?  It wasn't easy to find--Barnes & Nobel was sold out; Jo-Ann's was sold out (guess everyone used their 50% 0ff coupon to buy).  Finally, we found a copy at Books a Million.  It's a great read and the patterns........................oh, well, those will have to wait till December 26th.
Simple sayings for wonderful times!  These Back Door quilt series are quick to make--unless it sits on your sewing table waiting to be quilted and bound.  This one will fit nicely into January decor--so there is plenty of time to finish it up--right??  Off to knit Day 8!

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