Saturday, November 12, 2011


Last weekend, the final day of the International Quilt Festival, our talented group of expatchers gathered for a festive pot-luck dinner and a chance to show-off their creations from the past few months. 
Linda begun the journey with her Bali-pops wall hanging--fantastic!  She says this one will be a 'winner' next summer at the Kansas local county fair and we all agree!

Her next feature was this wonderful panel hanging--finished just in time for the holidays.

We all really like this quilt with it's cheerful yellow backing--someone's bed will enjoy this draped over it.

Karen, sheepishly, said she only brought one small 'Binky' show.  But, it's a dandy--made from minki fabric--soft and cuddly.

Debby was up next--what a fantastic sampler and the colors are just so right!

Debby was displaying her table runners--'simple', she remarks. 

Debby whips out another lovely table runner to display.

Are we on your gifting list for one of these wonderful runners?

And she just kept pulling them out of her quilt bag.................

Annette was ready to show her churn dash block quilt and because of color placement in each block--she got a different look--way to go, Annette!

And this one is just so striking--the golden color is bee fabric.

This one she is hand quilting..  she found the perfect pattern at quilt market for her corners.

Camilla had her French Braid top--gee whiz, what color combination!

And we welcomed Judy M's friend, Marsha, to the gathering.  Marsha was once a non quilter, but Judy rubbed off on her and here is a 'mystery' pattern that Marsha has recently completed.

Okay--Marsha--you are a quilter now!  What a perfect evening!  And we look forward to 2012 get together so we can share our 2011 adventures.

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