Monday, November 14, 2011


It was the perfect day!  The temperature was just right!  The sky was blue with fluffy clouds rolling around!  It was the grand opening for a new venture.  It was the opening day for Texas Quilt Museum, in La Grange, Texas.  This is a small town close to Austin, San Antonio and Houston.  What an event--ribbon cutting ceremony and quilters.............................
Those who came from far and near just to attend this unique opening.  The building has been remodeled and sits humbly on Colorado Street, near the county courthouse.
Even the 'quilt' car took center stage in front of the doors.
Off to the side of the exit door, you could purchase the publication Lone Stars III: A Legacy of Texas Quilts, 1986-2012, written by Museum Co-Founders and Co-Directors Karey Patterson Bresenhan and Nancy O’Bryant Puentes, and published by the University of Texas Press.
The line is long but hop to the back we did.  It was a short wait till we made it to the front door.  While waiting you can visit with so many interesting quilters.  The two gals behind us were from Bastrop, TX (recently devastated by wild fires).  The couple in front were recent transplants to the community.
The west side of the building boasted wonderful paintings of Texas quilt designs.  On display at this time until mid January, 2012 are 62 quilts.
No photos inside please!  So hurriedly, we snapped this photo before we crossed the threshold.  Lovely exhibit space and although there were many to view the Texas quilts on display, the crowd moved easily through the galleries.  White glove docents were on hand to turn to the backside if you so deemed to see the stitching up close.  One small quilt that took our fancy had unusual Texas print backing--one never seen before.  One of the docents commented that Moda Fabric personnel were on hand earlier in the week to view this outstanding print--so, is it possible we'll have a copy of this fabric in our hot little hands soon?
If you have a chance to pass near or through central Texas, pause in La Grange to visit Texas Museum of Quilts, you won't be disappointed.

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