Monday, November 21, 2011

Fiber to Fashion

Fiber to Fashion or Sheep to Shawl--doesn't really matter what title you give this competition
it's all good!  Here we are back at Kid 'n Ewe & Llamas Too to give an overview of those finished items from the morning session.
Finished! except for the final hem stitching--makes for a lovely shawl.  This group used fibacconi series for the stripes.

Off the loom--great look with natural fiber.
Lovely deep twill pattern...............
This group started their loom off right with a different pattern than most--huck lace.
Seems twill was a favorite among the weavers.  Each team could have their loom pre-threaded to their pattern and ready to pull through the warp...............
Interesting weave structure................the saying is always "it takes 11 spinners to keep one weaver busy".
Anyone for a rigid heddle weaving?
And a new weaver takes her turn at the treadles as spinners tromp their wheels to produce more spun fiber.  This is a great way for teams to learn to work together.

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