Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Testing the Gorilla to Make the Gap

Oh yeah, we are testing the Gorilla to make sure it does what it says!  The Gorilla Glue that is.........the label says it will bond with most anything, is stronger, faster--well, we've heard that speil before so this will be a real test!
See, the little screw thingie on the smaller cable needle pulled out of its socket--a real bummer when you are knitting and have soooooooo many stitches and the next thing you know, all those stitches are loose!  Yes, loose and floating off the needle!!  And we need that smaller cable to hit hats.  Hubby says there is gorilla in the garage!  A gorilla in the garage??
Gorilla glue, he says--reported to be stronger, faster bond, hold forever...................finding that gorilla on his garage shelves--now, that is a feat in itself!!  but, find that small gorilla we did and squeeze a small amount and we mean very small amount into that little hole is another feat.  Let it set--how fast is fast?  It's a long time when you want to knit right away.
Going through the stash yarns we have come across these small bits.  what to do, what to do--can't just throw them away?  Awww, yes.....................................remembering knitter friend Judy's recipe for a cap (supposedly named the Gap Cap from photos of this retail's stores hat).  That would be perfect pattern to use up these orphan yarns. 
Who would have thought that those two ophans would marry quite nicely--and the gorilla has been holding that screw thingie to the cable quite well.  Do you think there is a chance of an endorsement for Gorilla Glue?

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