Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hurrah!  The final clue to Miss Terry mystery KAL pattern on Ravelry!  The yarn is handspun green cotton from a dear friend (previous post of May 29--Spinning Memories).  Anyway, the last step of clue 3 was to increase stitches to 521 and in our count, there was one missing--not bad for adding more than 250 stitches to the regular count--so, what do you do?  Add one, of course!  But, then when knitting into clue 4, row 3--guess what we found?
The missing stitch!!  It had been dropped along the way--bummer and oops!  Got to pick up that little stray and bring it  up to the needles.  Where is that expensive ($8) crochet hook that was bought on one of our shopping sprees?  It would be perfect to use.
How about the Hiya needle pouch?  Nope! not in there.
Then it must have be stored in our regular large bag--sorry, have to disturb you--little pig.  Search, search--nope, not in here.
Then it must have been dropped into one of the knitting bags along with the planned knitting.  How about this one with the Bear-y Cute Hat pattern from Mindy Vasil.  Oh, yeah, this is going to be a really cute hat--when it gets done--but, no $8 crochet hook in there.
Okay, how about in the Knit Picks needle bag?  This indeed would be an excellent place to store $8 crochet hook--but, nope not there either.
Back to searching in the knitting storage bags--2011 Kalendar by Carmen Oliveras--oh, boy--we are so far behind in this pattern--must catch up soon before another clue comes out.  But, alas--no $8 crochet hook!
Oh, yes--it must have been dropped into the sewing bag--but, nope--not there.
There is still more knitting bags to go through--how about this one?  Wolle's yarn just waiting for the right inspiration--not there either.  Gee, this is really getting aggravating!  Where is that darn crochet hook?  
Pulling everything out of the mesh bag--no hook!
These two hooks were found--cheap plastic and metal--but not the expensive $8 one.

<><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><>
Okay, here is another storage bag--Ananke waiting to be continued--not there................

Getting desperate now--even searching the little bag (made by dear friend Julie) that stores all the wires for i-pod, camera, phone--no way, it could be in here.  Think! Think! where was the last place that little hook was used..............................................hmmmmm, seems that we were working on that cable stitch and using that hook to hold stitches while sitting on the sofa.  Oh, no--dare we think it fell between the cushions? and do we really want to lift the cushion and found what else is hidden there?  Okay, let's go there..............
There you are--you little dickens!!
Yelp--there you lie in all your glory along with little crumbs, dust, popcorn kernels and who knows what else.  Okay, now that we found that expensive $8 hook, what were we going to do with it again?

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