Monday, August 15, 2011

Mixed Bag of Tricks!

There comes a time when we must pull out a bag of tricks to keep things rolling--what tricks?  Don't you have your own bag of tricks?  Ideas, thoughts, creativity, just plain "stick-to-itness".......doesn't everyone have those things just waiting in the wings for the day when it's right for the picking? 
Let's pull this one out of the bag and catch up with the others in the group!  The knitting on this handspun shawl is so far behind, we really need some of that proddin' or jabbin' to pick up the needles and begin on clue........where did we leave off?

It really is going to be pretty when (and IF) it is ever finished.  Just can't seem to stick to the needles on this one.
And what do we have here?  A real mixed bag---of yarns.  and what do these yarns all have in common?  Well, they are going to make up a mixed warp for a weaving challenge.  Now, just have to pull out one of those 'tricks' to figure out how to measure the warp and then how to sley.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, this will take some thinkin' for sure.  Guess we'd better let that one rest.
The loom already had a warp from (mumble under her breath) summer...........okay, it was summer of 2009--that's not all that bad, is it?  Anyway, we'll just tie on and pull through--one thread at a time.
This is what happens sometimes when you try to pull through the reed and heddles--threads get lost and we have to pull out another trick to rescue them.  The loose yarns are weighted and the feet are ready to tromp the treadles.
Here is the first sample--not good!  Too close of a sett--back to rethreading--we do want those ribbons and bumpy yarns to make an appearance.  And the handle of this--awful!  Feels like sandpaper.......................
This is much better--at least, that trick of spacing the warp makes a difference; but, still not too sure this is what we want to see and feel.  Okay, this little project will wait..........................................we'll need to go back to our bag of tricks and see what we can magically pull out!

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