Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wrapping Up the Week

We are wrapping up a week's WIP--one is finished, another begun (shame, shame).  No sewing this week--just knitting, knitting, and some fun!
Here is the finished 'Gap' Cap!  This is always a quick knit--just hard to put down sometimes when you want to keep your fingers involved--mindless knitting for sure!
Found this handspun knitted cap hiding in the closet--must have been knitted many moons ago--think it is a sideways with short rows knit as there is a seam.
And we have begun a mystery shawl by one of our favorite designers.  Check out Stephen West's mystery KAL on Ravalry--don't you just love that site?  It gets us into so much trouble!  Using stash yarn here--no need to buy more when this has aged nicely.
And for a fun day! My knitter friend Judy's daughter Betsy (are you following this?) is a free lance production assistant and she got a gig this week to assist with the filming of The Quilt Show, which was being taped in Boulder.  Betsy received two complimentary passes for Judy and her friend--Me!  (Thank you Betsy and Judy!)  So we met up at the Daylight Studios at 8:30 AM.
So, this is all you get to see until the production is shown sometime in early 2012!  Look for us on the very back row....we were last in line so we were last to file into seats.  What an interesting day!

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