Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Please Throw a Lifeline!

We can throw out a lifeline to a drowning person, purchase a medical alert item that will give a lifeline to someone in need; there is even a lifeline for dog rescue or someone in despair and in knitting there is also a lifeline...................................and this is an insurance you do not need to purchase.  It's one that you need if you make a mistake in your knitting!
Oh, boy! Big time mistake!  Just knitting away--thinking the pattern was being followed.  Oh, it looked so simple to follow those directions when the eyes first 'glanced' over the instructions.  Knitting happily away--going to finish that clue #10 (being behind in the clues doesn't help either).  Yes, we are finished and then clue #11 and there are way toooooooooooo many stitches!  What to do?  Well, first read over the pattern again--duh!

Okay, nothing to do but--dare we say it--ripppppp it out!  Groan! and we do not have that insurance that most intelligent lace knitters use.  That Lifeline Insurance so described by Heartstrings.  Why do we think that our lace knitting can survive any mistakes!! Stupid for sure!!  and now, we must rip back to the end of clue #10.
And pick up stitches!  Don't anyone touch this till all those 150+ stitches have been put back on the needle.  Slowly, now--don't drop any of those yarnovers.
Whew!  a sign of relief--all stitches have been recovered and not one stitch was dropped.  Okay, we have learned our lesson--throw in a lifeline while knitting lace!

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