Saturday, July 23, 2011

Denver Fiber Haunts!

Any day spent with knitter friend Judy is a good day! Judy knows her way around Denver fiber shops and today we are meeting up to hit some of her favorite fiber haunts. Off we go.....................
Our first visit is Wooden Spools where you can indulge yourself in vintage yarns and fabrics.  These shop owners will buy your stash! for resale!  What a great idea!  Judy warns that you might find something of interest and you might not, but, it's all good--as the prices are half what it would originally be priced.
As you first enter you are surprised to see name brand yarns right at the door steps.
The front portion of the shop is dedicated to yarns of all types--and brands.
What a selection!  If you see something you like, better snatch it up!
And the price is so right!
To encourage participation in their workshops and classes, the walls are decorated with upcoming classes and finished projects.
Take a look at this lovely original cape pattern.  Don't know how to knit, crochet or quilt?  They are there to assist you with their wonderful line-up.
What a wonderful 'Courthouse Steps' quilt!
Contemporary your thing?  This is the place for you.

Off to lunch we go--up Broadway a short distance is our destination--Mona's Cafe--a perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy a light lunch as we chat about our projects and life events since our last meeting.
Our next stop is just two blocks from our lunch spot--Fancy Tiger.  Now, this shop might look tiny--but, wow! they pack allot into this small space!  Yarns, books, featured authors and fabric too.  Not, just any fabric, but Amy Butler selection.
Need to learn how to knit this sweater?  There is a model in the shop and classes are held on site.
And look at this--Habu Fibers! and a lovely scarf pattern featuring their stainless steel knitting yarn--now, this is a shop!
Glancing up into the loft, what do we see but rovings--must check this out.
The latest publication from the creative hands of Plucky Fluff, Lexi Borger, lies on the front table along with various spinning fibers.
The latest models of spinning wheels adorn the table in the corner--gee, what advancement has been made in making these wheels portable and travel able.
On to our next fiber haunt--Fabric Bliss: as the sign reads--boutique, sew studio and knit lounge.  The enthusiastic new owners of this shop are making headway into the unknown.  Although, the shop had limited supplies, they are on their way to making inroads into the fiber world.
The backroom is set up as the sewing studio.  You can bring your own machine and leave it--work at your leisure on your own project away from your home.  It's a way to visit with friends as you sew.
The shop is inviting, so come sit awhile, knit or sew and meet the owners.  Parking can be a problem at various times of the day, but fortunately for us, we found a space right in front of the shop.  This is classified as Santa Fe Art District and galleries surround so you'll have plenty to occupy your time if fiber is not your forte.  We had one more shop to visit but the time was drawing close to mid afternoon, so we said our good-byes till next time.  Anytime, Judy says, "let's visit some fiber shops"--count me in!

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