Friday, July 1, 2011

Going Green?

Did you ever have those times when you were stuck in one color theme and just couldn't get out of it?  Well, that seems to the case lately around this household.  The color once upon a time was orange--which makes one happy--orange yarn, orange fiber, orange clothes, orange foods.  But, now, the color seems to be GREEN!  That's not all bad though--as there is much talk about 'going green'.  So we are just taking that to heart and green surrounds us.
From the farmer's market we carry home a green bag filled with green peas and we use our green bowl to store our shelled peas.
Delicious green peas for dinner!
The 'green' feeling carried over into our yarn buying mode as well.  Here is Kermit (appropriately named for sure)!
And look at this--even the yarns we bought have green featured!  What the heck is going on??
Thanks goodness--this roving has only a small amount of green, but doesn't that green just pop out at you?
Kermit looks lovely on the bobbin and it is spinning up easily and swiftly--soon there will be a Kermit scarf or shawl or who knows what!
And since we are on a green roll--we'll leave you with some photos taken on our nature walk through the botanic gardens in the valley area.
Not all green--as this Queen Ann's lace testifies to.
And the hole in the brick silo is the perfect frame for the wooden fence and green background.
It is said that nature provides the perfect compliment to any color and so this ladybug does her duty on the green plant.
John Deere Green for the door bell on the red barn--perfect!!
Okay, maybe our next color fetish will be yellow or gold, but for the time being--we are on a green roll.  Bring it on!!

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