Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Post 259: What To Write About??

It is always a challenge to find something interesting to write about--so let's just take this blog to catch up on a few things--not saying it will be interesting......................................
This is our picnic quilt--it stays in the car and is pulled out when we attend concerts or just want something to wrap up in for those cool evenings when we are away from homebase and forgot our jacket--of course, it isn't used much for that purpose this summer--been too darn hot!
And speaking about 'hot'--how many of you just -love- to iron?? Not this soul!! But, here is a great product for those times when you need just a little bit of starch to brighten up a blouse or pants.
It is also used when making the pieces for the applique--works super good!  This is July's block from Bunny Hill Designs.  Henrietta! SShe does get around--it is one of those free designs that shows up the fifth of each month. 
Another free design is this one--which is such fun to stitch--Birdie Stitches!
And deconstructed Overall Sam or Andy--whatever--has been constructed.  Once all the blocks had been stitched, it was leaving the hands free at night and a situation developed--what to stitch now that this is finished??  This quilt top is packed in a box, heading back to Texas for long arm quilter Judy to put her special touches on.  The tops will be sent to Joplin residents as soon as all the handwork is finished.
Okay folks, that's all for post 259--see you next time. 
Happy stitching, treadling, reading, singing, listening, sleeping, eating.............or whatever strikes your fancy!

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