Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting Motivated!

We have been at our Colorado summer home for over two weeks now and the box of UFOs have finally been unloaded.  A couple of 'aged' projects were brought along with a few new projects (shouldn't really think of beginning a new one before finishing at least one old UFO).  This past week we took some time in the basement studio to work on a really aged UFO.
This UFO was dated 1996!  Now, that has really aged!  It was an exchange with other guild members and somehow all the pieces got placed in a bag.  The exchange was plaid fabrics and now we are working up this quilt.
There are over 85 different plaids in the exchange--rectangles and squares.  You add the star points and centers. 
It sews up quickly (since all the pieces are already cut) so why did it rest for such a lengthy time?  Who knows?  It's fairly straight forward too.
And all those cut strips have finally been sewn together.  Instead of one large quilt top, we got two smaller tops.  Now, just need to add borders (first a trip to the fabric shop--madness to my method!) before they can be finished completely.
The June block of Heneriatta was easy to whip up--just a little hand stitching and it was placed in the box to be returned to winter home.
And the June block from Little Birdie's site is stitched--that was fun!  Okay, now we are back to being motivated after a visit from our grandson--a trip to the mountains and other fun things happen while he was here--back to thinking about fiber, fabric and completing those aged UFOs!

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