Monday, March 14, 2011


The simple act of giving of one's time is so valuable--there is no monetary price that can be placed on that. Volunteers are the life blood of any organization and so this Sunday it is our chance to give of our time and talents to a worthy event. We are heading to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show. But, first we attend Cowboy Church, led by Christian Cowboys.
We are all cowboys or cowgirls here. The service is filled with lively music, hand clapping, praise, prayers of thanksgiving and a brief message.
We are off down the hall to fulfill our volunteer time at CHH Contemporary Handweavers of Houston location in the large hall. We pass numerous FFA members who are practicing their speech for competition. We also pass tablescapes, set up by FFA members in another competition.
In the large arena you can watch as chicks hatch from their eggs.
See and pat rabbits of all breeds.
Walk through the breed barn.
And since it is Tejano day, we hear the music of various Mariachi bands--this one a woman's group.
In the hallway, waiting and practicing is another group--their music floats through the air with uplifting trumpets.
Ahh, we finally arrive at our destination--the spinners and weavers area. This organization is dedicated to showing their craft and to educate the public about weaving and spinning. Someone is in attendance every day, three weeks the livestock is ongoing. It takes the dedication of volunteers to make this happen.
This stash of brightly dyed wool brings many questions about how you do that....
On another table is the happenings from Alicia's wheel efforts.
Blaine, our faithful leader for today, is wearing his handwoven vest--up close and personal view of the pattern.
On the right is Blaine at the loom chatting with a visitor. Alicia is at her wheel, up front and center. In the background is the table laden with handwoven and spun items for display.
Denise is trying her hand at the tapestry loom.
The basket of wool sits at her side.
Blaine assists Beth as she learns how to begin a new shed to inlay the wool weft.
The curious crowds lean in for a closer view or understanding of what is happening. During the week, hundreds of school children will walk pass and receive a brief glimpse into the world of spinning and weaving.
It is only one way we as volunteers educate the world. The Houston Livestock and Rodeo show is totally run on volunteer time and talents--where do you volunteer?

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