Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Expatchers Always in Action!!

These photos are from late February meeting as well as March Birthday luncheon. We are never quiet for long--whether it be our mouths or our fingers--we are always ready for action! Brenda came bearing patchwork from her mother's fingers--this is Trip around the World that needs just one more row to be called complete. The pieces are cut and heading to the machine.
Brenda also showed Mother's Flower Garden, that her mother is doing by hand--even the pieces--no template for her!
We are using up our flannel 'scraps' to make Binky Patrol quilts. Even those small strips can be incorporated into a comfort wrap. Here Judy is showing hers while Brenda compares her size--just one more strip is needed to call it complete.
These 6" four patch blocks combines with solid 6" blocks will make the perfect Binky.
We are ready to sew!
At our March Birthday luncheon, Judy had a stack of finished and quilted quilts--just need to stitch the binding. Here is the BOM barn quilt that Karen will give as a gift.
Detail of quilting stiches.
Usage of 6" four patch with 6" plain blocks--add a pretty pink backing and binding--
Nice quilting stitches lend texture to the softness of the flannel.
Another Binky ready to stitch down the binding--little handwork to complete on this quilt that Debbie used Minkie fabric squares alternated with flannel.
This is a close-up of Linda's Kitchy Stars quilt (pattern from Connecting Threads) using 30's theme fabric.
Judy did Bush Berries quilting pattern, which shows nicely on the soft yellow backing.
Karen had finished her Montana Log Cabin quilt top for a Colorado friend. This quilt used pre-printed animal blocks and Karen added log cabin effect to give a rich look. The backing is a dark suede look brown--perfect!

Karen also showed this small wall hanging that used templates--great visual for her wall!
As usual our 'food committee' supplied a delicious lunch fare so our mouths were also active as our fingers have been.


  1. Such a busy and talented group. I love the Barns, the Montana Log Cabin and the Binkies. I started cutting 6" and 3.5" squares after you mentioned this. I will keep at this. I do have the fabrics sorted by color groupings. I started with some soft, gender neutral flannels. I have a lot of bolder fabrics too. Sew on, Judy

  2. Beautiful! The barns with the hex signs are my favorite, but I also love Linda's Kitchy Stars and Karen's very cool and modern wall hanging. Nice work!