Thursday, February 17, 2011


What in the world does KFN mean? The answer is simple--Knits for Needs! Plain title and easy to remember; it rolls off the tongue. This is a grassroots organization--based in Atlanta and run by Meredith but supported by many. This idea of charity is shared by those who want to give back to the community through their knitted wearables. KFN is working to obtain their 501(c)3 not for profit certificate and to encourage growth in the group, there is an ongoing contest at the present time. You can find KFN on Twitter, Ravelry, Facebook as well as through their website.

"The bigger we are, the more people we can clothe with warm goodies knit/crocheted from the heart, and that it what we are all about here at Knits For Needs." spoken by our faithful leader.

The items that are received are donate to anyone who needs warm stuff anywhere in the United States. And all monies and knitted/crocheted/woven items are 100% donated--that's what is good about this organization. There have been many times that we have shipped boxes to KFN. And a gathering is taking place now for a future shipment.

Scarf from stash yarn--have always wanted to knit this pattern and now that it is accomplished we move onto finishing another scarf in the wings.
How about FLG (fingerless gloves) from a mystery pattern that didn't quite fit these hands--perfect for the KFN box.
And this pattern was just calling to be knitted--Green head is doing her stuff!
And another stash yarn eliminated but going to a worthy cause. The pattern is from Woollywormhead collection--what great patterns to work up! What a thrill to give knitted wear to those in need--thanks to Knits for Needs!

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