Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hearts! Hearts! Hearts!

Saint Valentine's Day is special. February 14th is celebrated in many nations and languages. We all love to LOVE! There is just something about seeing those hearts everywhere--candy hearts, flower hearts, magazine covers with hearts, books with hearts, songs about hearts and of course, Love! This special one day of the year is set aside to say "I Love You" to that special someone.
Many moons ago, when there was a group who met each month (quilting bee), it was decided one month to do a heart exchange. So, here is the heart quilt that makes its annual display draped across the balcony--memories of those whose hands fashioned heart blocks make their presence known once again.
This year we found a "Love" panel that called to be made--it will age properly for a few weeks or months before it is accomplished. But, at least, we have the beginnings.
We are gathering reds, pinks, chocolates and various other sundry colors to accompany this panel.
Finally, from 2010, this panel was completed and recently quilted by Sandy W., who
used a panto called 'cherry hearts'--perfect name!
And from our expatchers gathering this past week, we show Karen's finished table center mat--all pretty in pinks and reds.
She hand quilted hearts galore around.
A table runner will adorn her dining room with more hearts! Lovely hearts--big hearts, small hearts!
Perfect for the season of Love!
Wouldn't it be grand to have hearts floating around all year long? Let's make each and every day a valentine's day......................................................and tell that someone special "I Love You"!

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