Monday, February 7, 2011

And the Craziness begins! Spin-in continues...

Of course, someone always comes up with a clever way to create something to fit our theme--this year "Beach Blanket Bingo". Here is our own beach babe sitting on her bingo blanket! Smart--Renee!
Three of the gals from the modern movie set came to visit--Nancy, Suzanne and Martha--all decked out in their 'outfits' to fit the theme.
Take a close look at their knitted bikinis! They wouldn't wear them for real so knit a washcloth that was a bikini--these gals always give us a good laugh with their ideas on the theme!
Here is Judy's version of a beach theme--worked out on her loom with handspun. We saw Judy in the previous day post as the January spot on Interweave Press 2011 calendar. Sorry--your face is hidden, Judy! But your weaving is super! Oh, yes, she had enough handspun left that she made a small beach bag to carry your frakle game.
Some overachievers attend too--here is Janet with her hooked rug using handspun and other wool fabrics & yarns!
Tonni showing off her lovely knitted handspun shawl--oh, gee whiz! Tonni had shown her handspun, handknit sweater the day before--don't you just love these finished wearables???
And one big overachiever is Del (not seen here) who received a calendar with a knit sock pattern for each month. She took it to task and knit all 12 pair of socks and had a clothes line to pull out of her bag! Way to go Del!
Here is our niddy noddy drill team captain & leader--Jane, showing off her lovely handspun/knit shawl and hat. We are encouraging Jane to write up her patterns for publication.
Dr. Meow has her hands on other things besides kitty cats, she does a little of this and little of that. Her felted doll is one of the surprises she has to show this day.
Mary, who has finally brought her husband, Mac (who has learned to spin) shows off her latest fashion accessory.
We encourage involvement with traveling scarf projects and these gals continued with the project from two years ago and are showing their finished and not so finished scarves. Kim in the middle has hers on needles.
And here comes Trouble, Janet's better half, Tom--who shows his latest knitted shawl to complete Janet's wardrobe. Mr. Trouble also is an accomplished spinner and spinning wheel fixer upper!
Another wonderful thing about spin-in--sharing of ideas, goals and accomplishments. Melody models her finished shawlette.
With so many shawls being shown and worn, it's no wonder that our 2012 theme is "Shawl We Dance". Off to find that perfect shawl pattern, right size needles and some handspun stash yarn--there must be some, somewhere in this house!

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  1. What a talented group and it all looks like so much fun. I was surprised when you said there were over 100 attendees! that is alot of work to organize. I am sure you can come up with a wonderful handspun shawl for next year.