Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day with Expatchers--!!

February gathering is a birthday celebration--our 'food committee' does an outstanding menu! We gather--sharing our concerns, tells of recent travel adventures, giving hugs to those who are in need, but most of all we just enjoy being together. Here Karen shows off her 'blankie' that she made for a dear friend's daughter.
Sandy did the long arm quilting on this slippery satin fabric. She says, "it was like quilting water". Karen tells us how she had a difficult time even cutting a straight edge. The final results are in--and it will be a marvelous gift to a sweet little girl.
Brenda is assisting her granddaughter's scout troop so they can earn their sewing badge. She has a selection of Girl Scout fabrics that they will use in their project.
Brenda selected this pattern from About Crafts for the girls to make. They will learn how to sew on a button and do the whip stitching around the cell phone pouch. Brenda is planning to have the blank fabric squares ready for them. This will be a Mother's Day gift.
Judy was showing what she did with various scraps of flannel--cut them 6" wide, 39" long; sew them together to create an interesting Blinky quilt top.
For handwork, Judy showed us her 20 year long project (5 years already invested)--Grandmother's paper pieced Flower Garden. She is using paper blanks to get the perfect edge on the squares. Here she has her complete center block.
Around the edge, she will add the green spacers that will connect with the next block.
The back of the block looks so fabulous--such neat corners.
Annette shows her 'lost' quilt top that she recently found in her sewing room. She and her hubby worked over her quilt room and she pulled this top out, completed in 2003. We think it has "aged" properly. The top was handed over to Judy to add the finish on her long arm quilting machine.
What great color placement--two blocks made in opposite colors, which gives a different look to the old standard "Churn Dish" block.
We should all find such treasures in our quilt rooms--when and if we ever clean........................

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