Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Chillin' with the Spinners!

Sometimes our gatherings do not whirl with wheels or spindles. These are days we just have too much to share so our mouths are busier than our hands and feet. The last spinners meeting was such a time. The spindles lay idle
and wheels sit posed for action so the sharing can commence.
Kate has brought her generous bag that was fulled. It holds fiber goodies galore.
Rosemary brings a sample sheet of natural dyes.
Another sample sheet gives more descriptions to this process. These sheets were made for educational purposes and handed to teachers during the annual livestock and rodeo. Our guild sponsors a booth with spinning and weaving demos, ongoing for three straight weeks--manned by volunteers--more forth coming on that event when it begins March 1.
Penny's basket sports two skeins of designer yarns. Looks that more will be created soon.
Since we are meeting in Antje's abode, we admire all her wonderful felted pieces. This one complements her kitchen.
Her kitted teddy bear is a gift for neighbor's soon to be born baby--very snuggly!
You can't help but admire Antje's handwork as she designs 'as she stitches'. A little here, a little there makes for a lovely shawl. This is made from her silk drapery fabric--truly recycled from a time she lived in Viet Nam. She has taken the fabric to the dyepot--nothing planned, just go with how she feels the day she is dyeing.
Another wonderful wallhanging in her family room catches one eye......
A close-up of felting work and needlework.
Another one of Antje's silk drapery shawls--serendipity!
Her newest bird, unnamed for the present, sits regally watching over our discussion.
Now, for the big moment of the day--carding. Here sits a drum carder. Everyone brought batches of different fibers to add to the batt.
Kate, in her marvelous sense of measuring, has used vegetable dyes she has around the house--blackberries and avocado. The blackberries yield a delightful soft lavender shade to the wool batt while the avocado lent to more of a camel color. Kate is one to measure exact--weight to weight! Kate made these batts before the meeting.
These series of photos come to us from Antje. Loading the drum carder with fiber.
A few turns of the handle and woo! looks what comes off!
Delicious, yummy batts--ready for spinning!
Waiting for the drum roll, please!
Maybe, our next gathering will feature some of these luxury yarns to share. Or maybe, we'll just have another chillin' gathering!

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