Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We're Baking!

Not often do we bake or even cook in the kitchen, so when the 'mood' hits--everyone is happy! We've made zucchini bread! You would think that isn't a hard chore but when you are at higher altitude, baking takes on a whole new world of thought. We finally found a recipe that makes a delicious zucchini bread. On Saturdays during the summer months, we take a trip to our local farmer's market. On some Saturdays, one farmer will offer a special price--'fill a bag for $15'--her bag or ours. Now, that includes vegetables that are in the bins--the dirty ones not the pretty clean ones on the table. We are ready to fill our bag so hand her $15 and stuff we do! We have a knitted mesh bag that looks like it holds nothing, but once we begin to fill--it expands and expands till the bag drags the ground. We call it the 'crappy handle bag' as the handles aren't long enough to do much with. The knit pattern either came from Knitty or Ravelry--can't remember. But, it's knit from Sugar/Cream or Peaches/ Cream--one of those cotton yarns. Anyway, back to the farmer's market. We fill our bag with vegetables and lots of zucchini, thinking we'll make some bread, muffins, chocolate cake or maybe one of those zplle pies.
We bake in small loaf pans to freeze for later tasting or gift giving.
First batch was a disaster but the next batch was perfectly delicious! We are happy!
We also make crockpot tapioca during the summer--not much baking involved here; just a crockpot, little sugar, vanilla, pearl tapioca (not instant),milk and little cream for richness. We bought the tapioca on a trip to Amish country at a bulk store. We found this recipe on Foodnetwork
Soak in water for several hours, drain and add ingredients to the crockpot.
Cook on low heat--finished and cooled--ready to eat. For one batch, chocolate chips were added without the sugar--yummy!
We are also baking cupcakes--this week it was Key Lime cupcakes! Small mouthful of wonder!
Okay, this means we have to walk an extra mile but it's worth the baking until the mood wears off!

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