Thursday, July 15, 2010

Telluride & Surrounding Area Sights

As we drove through some of the forest access roads, we came across this 'ghost' town of Alta, CO--a silver mining town from late 1800's and early 1900's. This small town is set at 11,000 ft and was on the rail line from Ophir. It is always interesting to walk through these ghost towns and amazing that some of the buildings are still standing. Mine shaft gone down.
Another view of mine shaft at the entrance of the town.
This is a view of one of the mining sites.
Log cabins of years gone by.
The town of Telluride boasts lovely state flowers, Columbine, in their small town parks.
This is the view between buildings of bridal view falls.
You have to want to go to Telluride! There are no direct routes, just state highways. There is an airport in Telluride but who can afford to fly into that area? Doesn't matter though, people from all walks of life come to this quaint village located in the valley in SW Colorado. As we took the walking tour we came across an open house--curiosity won out and we walked up the stairs, took off our shoes at the main door and toured this $4.2 million house! What a price! continuing on our historical walking tour, we came across this wonderful bird house--didn't see any occupants though.
Before heading out of town we drove down the end of main street (Colorado) to view this fabulous sight--a close-up of Bridal View falls with mining house at the top of the ridge. The road up was definitely 4 wheel drive or hiking trail.

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