Thursday, July 29, 2010

And then--Convergence!

Yes, finally we reach Convergence--the granddaddy of all fiber conferences--even though the mother organization name says 'handweavers guild of America', this conference is for all fiber enthusiasts. We are there to assist with vendor set-up, hanging of exhibits, leader assistants, tour agenda and other sundry events that take place during the nine day long conference. And along the way other organizations 'piggy back' their conferences-- Complex Weavers meet before and American Tapestry Association meets on the last day. So much going on during the conference--so many great leaders filling our heads with their expertise, on site exhibits that put us into overload. Sorry, but there will be only photos of the yardage exhibit, which was hanging in the outer area. This wonderful exhibit hangs from the second level to the overlook above the entrance to the vendor hall. You can't help but notice all these fabrics decorating the nake walls. At the top of the exhibit are sample pieces of the fabric for that 'weavers handshake' touch.

Outside the convention center, students, ages 16-24, were busily working away on the mosiac for their summer project. These students are selected by their interest and grades from area high schools and colleges to work. During the summer, they plan the design, make the tiles and install the mosiacs. What a treat to see their vision come to life on the plain walls of the ACC.
A view of their working area and the section that was completed last summer.
A portion of their design area.
Tarps and ground cover went up each morning at 9 AM as they worked till 3 PM when they took everything down for the day.
There are about four more sections to be mosiaced and then the ACC will definitely be showing off the work and hertiage art of their culture.

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