Monday, July 5, 2010

Christmas Cards??

What?!! Are we thinking about Christmas in July? Of course! Especially if you make your own cards to send to those special friends. What will it be this year--stitchery, origami, drawing, painting, etching, stamped, woven or whatever the brain can exceed with creating. In years past, several of these techniques have been used. But, by far, the favorite are those that are woven. Those cards received from friends far and near.
This card came from dear friend Bertie--it's a wonderful paper crafted card. Bertie used a cookie mold to press paper pulp into.
Rosemary gives you the weaving pattern on the back of her cards. She designed these elegant cards with glittery threads in the weft.
Snowflakes indeed!!
Here are two from Charlotte, who weaves tartan fabrics (on the left) and on the right is a ribbon woven card from the time she was weaving yardage for Saks 5th Avenue.
This card comes from pen pal Mary, who used inlay technique to weave a simple but truly wonderful fabric.

How about an overshot threading? A cut out card with fabric insert--perfect colors for the season.
An off loom piece added to cardstock. This was one received in a card exchange for our weavers group.
Believe it or not, this card was woven by a new weaver--she went all out for her card.
This card above and below are just a few of the many cards that have been saved. These are woven in Dukagang fashion (inlay technique) and created by a dear friend, Alpha, who is now teaching the angels to weave. We learned so much from Alpha.
Alpha loved to weave in this fashion and at one time, our warp was tied to this threading and threadling--but, no one could weave like Alpha!
Simply hand drawn and cut out--above and below.

Add those leftover fabric pieces to the back side. Or how about this one?
Felt tree on front cover.

And dancing sheep--8 Harness weave on rosepath--nothing could be better. These are just a small sample of the many cards that have been received over the years--what fun it is to receive a wonderful handmade card. And these cards give inspiration and fond memories of those friends that created them. So, what will these hands make this year? We're thinking on it.

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  1. These cards are just amazing. What a talented circle of friends you have. I can see why you are thinking about it now.