Monday, July 19, 2010


Continuing on our gallery tours of the Southwest, we took in Albuquerque's Open Space Visitor Center--a wonderful site for exhibits. In the courtyard, a yoga class was mediating under the cool shade trees. Inside, we viewed several permanent exhibits from area artists--great woven baskets and other nature occurring materials. Looking through gallery window out into the shade alcove.
This was called Robyn's nest.
Wonderful twisted and woven basket materials.
Grouds and cholla cactus intertwined. In the back gallery space, we visited the tapestries of James Koehler, Rebecca Mezoff and Cornelia Theimer Gardella : "The Bauhaus Tradition". The Bauhaus style came from Germany. Quoting from Klaus Labuttis: "The aim of Bauhaus was to produce work that unified intellectual, practical and aesthetic concerns through artistic endeavor and the exploitation of new technologies." These tapestry pieces continues that tradition.
James Koehler's work is impressive--looking simple but color blending is an art in his hands.
These panels definitely highlight his intriguing way to weave.
Other works by his 'students', who are in their own element with this technique.
Okay, feast your eyes on these works of art!

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